We are the state civil service officers, recruited and trained for managerial skills, administration and governance. We are often called to undertake onerous tasks at a limited time. The officers of the MCS Cadre are trained for and called upon to undertake tasks which are both un-anticipated and challenging and this could best be performed byus. The officers of our cadre due to the very nature of our service and because of our continuous exposure, we develop better crisis management ability and skills to deliver services to the public than our counterparts in other departments and services of Mizoram. We are also often asked to lead the team of given men, invariably without adequate wherewithal to take up complicated tasks and to battle against odds in hostile environs like tension between one community and the others. Such tasks are performed with administrative commitment and qualities of the head and the heart. Deliverance of good governance to the people at large regardless of the manifold pulls and pressures from inside or outside is an uphill task, but it has always been performed by us with unmatched commitment and competence. The challenges of globalization, international competition and a very fast growing population and increasing needs of public service have to be met with by a very strong and highly committed ‘Civil Service’, motivated to deliver services at the cost of personal comfort, ready to catch up with current realities, broaden its horizon and think in global terms by graduating from parochialism to universal discipline capable of taking the challenges head-on and delivering the goods to the entire satisfaction of the people. Therefore we are quite qualified in handling the administrative affairs and management of the State Government.

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                            We strive for DEVOTION, SOLIDARITY AND EXCELLENCE

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                            We strive for DEVOTION, SOLIDARITY AND EXCELLENCE